Our advantages

What are the differences between Mes P’tits ateliers du Monde and all other language schools?

Mes P’tits ateliers du Monde is only for children and is only specialized in activities for children. There are no conditions for the children to be fulfilled beforehand, just a little curiosity and the desire to discover or groove new things.

The language teachers come to the child’s home which allows the child to fully enjoy learning in a familiar and reassuring environment and to only focus on that.

Our teachers are native speakers of the country whose language is being taught or have an equivalent level of proficiency. They are familiar with all the idioms and subtleties of the language as well as cultural habits of the country the language is spoken in.These are real treasures that enrich our workshops. And this is why we speak of total immersion.
As agent, it is our responsibility to attach great importance to the choice of our language teachers. They are to fulfill certain criteria and are carefully recruited.

A language-learning methodology:

Children learn, grow and develop through games in a familiar and supportive environment. A playful activity is therefore the best way to learn a foreign language.

However, playful does not mean improvised and chaotic. On the contrary, all our language teachers are experienced in teaching and encouraging children and are familiar with all the specifics of teaching, especially in terms of attention, memory mechanisms and learning constructions. Each workshop is carefully conceived and methodically, pedagogically, didactically and linguistically well prepared with the main objective of learning and practising a foreign language.

However, as with all learning, it is incremental and will have to take place over time and on a regular basis. It would therefore be advantageous if parents offered their children this wonderful opportunity to learn new languages at least a quarter of a year.

During the workshop, the language teacher will only interact with your child in the chosen language. Of course, at first, your child will need a period of observation and listening to discover the sound and melody of the language, but then he or she will start her journey of discovery by repeating a few words and phrases. Through practice and exchange he or she will fully adopt the new language.

Mes P’tits Ateliers du Monde in Lyon

Mes p’tits ateliers du monde make your children discover playful and original activities, alone or with others. They have twice the luck learning one language while doing something else.

My little workshops around the world offer about 20 activities….

  • Music : guitar, piano, violin, singing and improvisation…
  • Visual arts/handicrafts: drawing, moulding, painting, needlework…
  • Cooking: small salty or sweet dishes.
  • Games: chess, puzzles, small scientific experiments.

…in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese.

Workshops in French:
Of course, we also offer real art and music courses, given by qualified teachers from the Conservatory of Music or the School of Fine Arts.

These activities, suitable for children aged 5 to 12, are designed and prepared to meet precise pedagogical objectives for a strict and progressive learning.

Moreover, these activities not only enable your children to learn a new language but also allow them to promote their cognitive development. They also improve their motor skills and dexterity, their ability to concentrate and their sociability.

Thanks to our programme, your children will be able to make progress during the course. Moreover, they can also share all of this with their siblings – a unique experience.

but not only this…

All our workshops are also offered together with mum or dad :

  • Create a special bond with your child with our mum/dad+child workshops.
  • Indeed, why not have an exclusive moment with your child in the middle of your busy schedules? Parent-child activities are shared moments of collaboration and discovery… An unforgettable experience for all those who want to enrich their parent-child relationship.Parent-child activities are moments of sharing, closeness and discovery… An unforgettable experience to enrich your parent-child relationship.
  • Choose your foreign language, click and let us guide you…